What does it take to build a classical guitar? NPR Marfa Interview

NIck Hurt of Marfa Public Radio came to the wood shop to interviewed me (orignially published June, 2019) and a client picking up his new guitar.  Here is a quote from the article on the Marfa Public Radio web site. 

It took Hurt’s friend, Aaron Ringo, six months to build his first guitar. Now, he’s a self-taught luthier and owner of Wood Ring Guitars in Weatherford.

Hurt talks with hAaron and Alton 500x375im about his love for making things with hand tools as a kid, and how he transitioned from playing music to making instruments in his adult life.

Hurt also interviews Alton Chan, a professional pianist and teacher who arrived at the shop to pick up a new guitar during his visit. He captures the first notes Chan plays on his new instrument, which happen to belong to a song composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.

“Guitar is really great because it’s intimate. It’s like singing,” Chan told Hurt.

In comparison, playing the piano seems like an artificial process to Chan — because of the mechanisms between the player and the sound. “With a guitar, it’s very direct,” he said. “Because the tone production is strictly on your fingers.”

To read the article, or listen to the broadcast from Marfa Public Radio, click here.