Jesus Serrano Huitron


Mexican Guitar Virtuoso Jesus Serrano described as the ‘Devil of the Guitar’ stands out for his powerful and refined performance. A winner of multiple prizes, Jesus Serrano has won over 50 prizes in America and Europe including more than two dozen 1st prizes in international competitions, including the 2015 Boston GuitarFest, the 2016 Florida Guitar Festival and the 2017 Festival et Compétition Internationale de Guitare Classique de Montréal. 

Composers have written and dedicated music to him to show his extensive palette of technical abilities as well as his unique personality.His eclectic and energetic repertoire is focused on the interaction between speed and sensibility, and his artistic activity has led to him performing extensively throughout America and Europe. Jesus is also often invited to conduct Lectures and Workshops at international guitar festivals as well as being part of the jury in International Competitions.

His discography includes two albums “Santo Antonio” and “Fantasía Tropical”, both recorded as an active member of 3NS4MBL3 (guitar trio/ quartet), which were also his debut work as an audio engineer. 

He has attended masterclasses with Adriano del Sal, Antigoni Goni, David Russell, Eliot Fisk, Leo Brouwer, Marcin Dylla, Marco Tamayo, Paolo Pegoraro, Pepe Romero, Ricardo Gallén, Víctor Pellegrini, William Kanengiser, Xuefei Yang, Zoran Dukic, etc. 

Jesus concluded his degree with honors at National Conservatory of Music in Mexico City under the guidance of Selvio Carrizosa and Jaime Soria, currently is pursuing a Master Degree in the prestigious class of Carlo Marchione at Conservatorium Maastricht in The Netherlands.

His guitar: The Aztec Model - Zircote back and sides, spruce/cedar double top, flamed Spanish cedar neck, Aztec pryamide infinity rosette.