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Contact Information

Please feel free to send me a message through our Contact Us page if you are interested in purchasing a guitar, are in need of repair work done on your stringed instrument, or if you have a question.  Please include your email and phone number, so that I can get back with you.  In addition to the Contact Us page, I can be reached by phone at 214-236-7082 . If for some reason, I am unable to talk with you, please leave a message making sure you include your name and a phone number where I can reach you.

Office Hours:

My normal business hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

Order Information

How do I order a guitar?
First off, please check the current guitars for sale. I might have a few in stock that would be just what you are looking for.

To order a custom made guitar, contact me for additional options and info regarding estimates.   Below, I have listed the price of my base classical guitar model along with the features that are included.  I have also listed some of the more common options that you can choose from. Once the final configuration and price are agreed upon, a non refundable $1,500 dollar deposit is needed prior to construction. I will give you an approximate date that the guitar will be ready. If for unthinkable reasons the guitar is not completed within one year of start date I will refund your deposit upon request. The rest of the balance is due when your guitar is completed. After this you may pick it up at the shop or we will arrange shipment to you at your cost. 

Base Model

Currently the price of our base classical double top model starts at $7,000 .  State and local sales taxes are applied to all sales made in Texas (6.75% FOB, Parker County, Texas). Shipping charges are additional.

Base Guitar Specifications

The following describes our base classical guitar model along with options that are available.  Items described in the base model are included in the base price.  Some options will add to the cost of the base price.  Some do not.  If an option that you desire is not listed, please contact me and ask about it.  I would like to work with you to design and build the guitar that matches your criteria.  Please inquire for specific pricing information.



DOUBLE TOP MODEL: My base guitar comes with a choice of Western Red Cedar double top or Engelmann Spruce/Cedar double top as the soundboard material.  I use the best soundboard materials that are available.  Each soundboard candidate is subjected to a battery of quality control tests allowing us to grade them based on several factors.  These include efficiency in the production and maintenance of sound energy, ability to support a complex spectrum of sound frequencies and a high strength to weight ratio.  I believe that all these tone wood qualities are necessary in the creation of a great sounding guitar.

OPTIONS: European Spruce, Port Orford Cedar (Double top can be a combination of these woods).

Back and Sides

BASE MODEL: I use East Indian Rosewood for the back and sides of our base guitar.  Indian Rosewood is beautiful, strong, and has excellent tonal characteristics.  Indian Rosewood is the tone wood of choice for many high end guitars and works with double tops.  The sides are laminated to increase stiffness and strength and to decrease energy absorption in the sides.

OPTIONS: Cocobola, Macassar Ebony, Ziricote, African Blackwood and Brazilian Rosewood.  Other types of wood are available upon request.  Unique figuring and sapwood are some of the features that I look for in creating an outstanding looking instrument.


BASE MODEL: My base guitar includes matching Indian Rosewood bindings.  A simple yet elegant purfling scheme is used.

OPTIONS: Many options are available.  See section on Decorative Embellishments below.


Indian Rosewood.  Inquire about other materials that are available.


West African Ebony.


Spanish Cedar.  I have developed a standard profile that works very well for most guitarists.  I can create a custom profile if you have specifications or I can match the profile of an existing guitar.  I can also do an interview with you to determine what would be the best neck for your particular needs.


Elevated Fretboard with 20 Frets

My base guitar design includes an elevated fretboard (raised neck) giving you very easy access to frets 12 through 20.

12 Hole Tie Block

Each guitar includes a 12 hole tie block.  This design gives you a better string angle which adds responsiveness to the guitar.  The 12 hole tie block also makes it easier to tie the strings and looks great.

Tuning Machines

BASE MODEL: Top of the line Alessi tuning machines.  These look great and are designed to have very low friction allowing for very smooth adjustment in the tuning process.

OPTIONS: I also offer specialized or custom tuning machines.  Please inquire for pricing.

French Polish

BASE MODEL: The entire instrument is French polished.  This is a time tested and proven finish that gives the best tonal qualities of any finish available.

OPTIONS: Hard Shellac, a harder finish than French polish while keeping the finish as thin as possible.  This is great for acoustic instruments.

Scale Length

BASE MODEL: 650 mm

OPTIONS: Other scale lengths are available upon request ie, 630 mm, 640 mm.

Position Marker Dots

BASE MODEL: 5th and 7th Frets (players side of the fretboard).  These are very small and non-obtrusive, yet they can be seen in dimly lit environments. 

OPTIONS: Marker dots can be installed in other locations per your specifications.

Soundboard Bracing


Decorative Embellishments

BASE MODEL: The base instrument includes a 3 strip purfling scheme, the colors to be determined during the design phase of the building process. 

OPTIONS: Decorative embellishments including premium bindings, enhanced purfling color schemes, back strip, front head plate inlay, rear head plate, tie block decoration and other inlay and marquetry.  We will collaborate with you to create a motif and color scheme to enhance the natural beauty of the soundboard, back and sides of the instrument.

Hand Made Rosette

BASE MODEL: My rosettes are hand made by me.  Each one is unique.  My rosette designs are created with the following philosophy.  I believe that a rosette should have an element of beautifully hand crafted detail and intricate marquetry such that it can be appreciated close-up.  I also believe that a rosette should be designed such that someone sitting on the 20th row of a concert hall can appreciate the rosette design from a macro level.  Each rosette design is an artistic statement that I reserve for each guitar and is based upon the wood selected at that time, therefore I will decide the final design of each rosette per guitar.

Sound Port

BASE MODEL: No sound port.

OPTIONS: A custom sound port can be added on the players side of the guitar body for enhancement of the players ability to clearly hear their playing, especially in ensemble type environments.  Sound ports can be circular or another shape that you specify.  Many players prefer this option.

Arm Rest

BASE MODEL: No arm rest.

OPTIONS: A custom arm rest can added to the guitar.  This results in a very comfortable playing experience while isolating the soundboard from the player's arm.

Hardshell Case

BASE MODEL: Every guitar has a quality hardshell case included.  Double tops come with the Visesnut case.   Optional Bam case (please inquire for pricing).   

Warranty Information

A guitar is a delicate instrument. Each one is built with durability in mind and designed to last a lifetime if properly cared for. Alas there are limits to this when trying to make the best sounding guitars. With proper care you can have a guitar looking and sounding great for many years to come.  I will guarantee your guitar to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year after you purchase it, unless I have specifically stipulated otherwise.  When notified of a defect, I will repair the instrument as needed. Damage to the instrument by means of falls, misuse, accidents, or wear and age that occur naturally do not apply. 

Also, during the first year I offer a free setup adjustment and for French polished instruments, a touch up of the finish to restore it to its original beauty.  For customers that cannot bring the guitar to my shop, reasonable fees for shipping to and from my shop will be the responsibility of the owner of the instrument.  I love to see these guitars come back for a touch up or a fine tune so don’t hesitate to contact me about any types of touch ups or repairs to your instrument and to talk about how you and your guitar are doing.