How to Take Care of Your New Guitar - The Basics

Taking care of your new guitar.Most Classical guitars are delicate to the natural world environment. Fortunately there are just a few things you have to keep in mind to prevent damage to your new guitar.

Humidity: Most hand made guitars are built at a constant 45-50 percent relative humidity. With very low humidity the wood could crack. With very high humidity warping can occur. The best way to keep track of this is a hygrometer. There are many guitar cases with features that help prevent this.

Temperature: When a guitar gets too hot many things can happen. Glue joints can separate, finishes fade, cracks form in the wood, the neck can become bowed, and the list goes on. The best thing to do is take the guitar wherever you go. Don’t leave it in the car. Remember you are a musician, when people see you with a case they smile at you. It is always a great conversation starter.

Keep it clean: Wipe the surface of your guitar down with a soft cloth after each practice session. This is most important for delicate finishes like French Polish but is a good rule for all fine instruments. This keeps the sweat and oil off the instrument and extends the life of the instrument and strings.

So to sum up: All you have to do is keep the guitar in the case when it is not being played. Take it rather than leave it in the car. Wipe it down after play. One other rule I go by for my personal guitars is only give your guitar to someone you trust to play! Many scratches occur from bad playing techniques or improper playing positions. Also never close a case without latching at least one latch. You would be surprised how often a guitar falls out and gets damaged because they pick up the case without notice.