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New WR Model! Aztec/Serrano

I am very proud to announce the latest guitar model, The Aztec/Serrano Concert Classical Guitar. This guitar was commissioned by JeHeel Cap with Sap Woodsus Serrano a very good friend of mine. Jesus Serrano is a guitar virtuoso from Mexico City and has won 1st place at many international guitar competitions. When Jesus approached me with the idea of a new guitar model, I became very eager to hear his ideas. This turned into a months-long enjoyable collaboration to design one of the best guitars I have ever built thus far.

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Open Classical At Buon Giorno Coffee

If you like open-mic, I highly recommend the Open Classical at Buon Giorno Coffee in Fort Worth.  I was lucky enough to get some press by showing up with my latest guitar and giving it a 15 minute workout on stage!  StarTelegram2Yes I played and was later interviewed for the Star Telegram.  It is a great venue with some real talent giving their best vocals, guitar solos and more!



New Gallery Album - Commissioned Guitars


  We have added a new Gallery Section with some photos of some recently commissioned guitars.  There are several sets of photos to view and we plan to add more as we complete additional commissions.  All of these newest guitars are double tops, one is a Cedar/Cedar and two are Spruce/Cedar soundboards.  To learn more, click here!

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About Wood Ring Guitars

Aaron Ringo - LuthierWood Ring Guitars had a modest start.  After building a couple of guitars, it was clear to Aaron Ringo that this was his passion and his calling in life.  His vision was to start a company to build amazing classical guitars.  And so Wood Ring Guitars was conceived in 2010.

After doing some brainstorming Aaron and his family realized that this would not be an easy thing to do nor would it bring vast riches.  As a general rule it takes a luthier several years to learn their craft in order to become good enough to demand enough money for their guitars in order to support themselves even at a modest level. 

Nevertheless we all saw the amazing talent that Aaron has for building things, especially building guitars.  We needed a way to bring this talent to the forefront.  We decided to take a team approach.  We looked at the talents that each family member has to offer. 

Aaron, of course, is our luthier.  He not only has a talent building guitars.  He has a vision and the perseverance to see it through.  Before he cut out his first soundboard he spent over a year reading everything he could find regarding building classical and acoustic guitars.  He became an active member of the local luthier group LINT and took advantage the advice from other luthiers in the North Texas area.  He was bold in his approach and was not afraid to experiment to determine which approach was the best in each of the hundreds of steps required to build a guitar.  Within one year of building his first guitar he was making guitars of the quality that it takes many luthiers ten or more years to achieve.  Aaron has also been playing classical guitar for about 10 years.  He knows a good guitar when he plays one.  Thus he has an immediate feedback loop.  He also knows most of the best classical guitarists in Texas and the surrounding area and he enjoys their friendship which gives him the opportunity to get their honest feedback regarding the difference between an average and an outstanding guitar.

SandraWithBluebonnetsSandra is the Wood Ring artist.  She and Aaron have spent hours picking out wood for various parts of each guitar and in discussions of the visual aspects of the guitars so that each becomes a work of art.  Sandra is also our marketing guru.  She heads up the marketing plan for Wood Ring, making sure that we get the word out regarding the amazing guitars that Aaron builds and the value that they bring to each customer.  She designed the Wood Ring logo and came up with the beautiful design of this website.

DannyAtPier19Danny is the team's scientist.  Danny has a degree in Chemistry and made a living for many years as a computer scientist.  He is an expert in quantative analysis.  Danny heads up the testing and research done at Wood Ring Guitars.  These efforts have helped leverage Aaron's experience by ten fold.  We do a lot more than just tap the soundboard to determine quality.  We have defined several points during the building process where extensive testing is done to be sure that each guitar reaches its full potential as an outstanding instrument.  We are also doing research to push the boundaries of quality, acoustics, and beauty and the results are embodied in each new guitar produced.

The combination of Aaron's raw talent with Sandra's artistic abilities and Danny's scientific approach results in guitars of the same quality as guitars that sell for two and three times as much.  As word gets out and demand increases, the prices will go up.  Now is the time to take advantage of the great prices for the currently available Wood Ring guitars, before it is too late!

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